Composite Doors

The superior door for security, insulation and style
Composite doors are the ultimate choice for your home. Offering amazing efficiency, security and stunning aesthetics, they will definitely impress. Made of uPVC but with the look of timber, you will certainly make an entrance with one of these. They are extremely low maintenance and will protect your home against the elements for years to come. Made with an insulating core and timber frame between uPVC skins, they’re a revolution for your home.
The impact resistant GRP skin gives it that wood-effect look that so many love. This can come in a range of colours that don’t require any repainting; they stay looking impressive for many years to come. The outer frame has a triple sealing system with an innovative Q-Lon flipper gasket to keep your home protected from wind, rain and snow. Secured by Design approved, these doors will keep your family and home safe.

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