Bay & Bow

Bay or Bow Windows

Add some elegance to your home with a bay or bow window
These attractive windows are a variation of the classic casement style. They allow you to enhance your home as well as giving you the illusion of more space and light. These windows protrude away from your home to make your front room feel larger, boost your kerb appeal and give you a wonderful outside view. They create the perfect centrepiece to any room they’re in.
Bay windows are more angular and have just three window panels. They can be made to fit a window seat in them or have an attractive window sill for plants and ornaments. Bow windows have a gentler curve compared to the Bay style and can have more panels. They can be used on the corner of a building and can let you see from two sides of your home. With our maintenance free and efficient uPVC, these windows will improve the warmth of your home as well as how good it looks.



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