Garage door repairs near me Essex

Garage door repairs near me Essex
Replacement garage door cables - garage door adjustments. Garage door installations

Garage door repairs near me Essex

Looking for a garage door repair company but are unsure if there's one near me?
BWE garage doors - repair garage doors all though out Essex including replacement garage door cables - replacement handles/springs - garage door adjustments and any roller garage door problems.

BWE Garage doors are the garage door guys to get your garage door back up and running when its broke.

The unexpected can always happen when you least expect it regarding old garage doors because if the door is in constant use and not frequently servicing the door  you just never know when a problem will come.

Older doors like Henderson the most likely problem to happen is the garage door cables snapping or becoming tangled. In the event of this happening replacement garage door cables are required.

Electric operated garage doors including roller garage doors can suddenly stop working…. one day you will go to the garage door press the button…… nothing happens…. few things it could be: 1) the batteries in the remotes are old – and would need changing. 2) The fuse on the plug to the garage door operator may have blown – again this would need changing.

After checking the obvious things yourself and still no joy the best thing to do would be to get the experts in to take a look, 01268 962627.

Roller garage doors can experience the same problems mentioned above plus a few more.

If when you push the open button on the remote and the roller door only lifts either a quarter or half way struggling to get there and stops! this is a clear indication of the motor problems. Depending on how old the roller door is and how many cycles the door has operated – its likely the limits may need setting again. If the limits cannot be set for any reason then a replacement motor is needed.

Call us if you require assistance in changing a roller door motor. 01268 963627.

Roller garage door remotes operate the door via a control panel that you would normally see on the side of the wall inside the garage door. When pushing the button on the remote and a clicking noise is heard this is an indication that the relays inside the control unit are stuck! unfortunately there is no cure for this its a sort of thing that happens over time and how many cycles the roller door has done – Replacement roller door control unit required!

Whether your garage door is new (if it is it should be covered by warranty) or old replacement garage door parts can be obtained by us, we have working relationships with various manufactures in replacement garage door parts and we provide a fitting service too.

All our garage door repairs are covered by a 1 year warranty on the repair and is also backed by warranty on the part!

If your would like assistance with any of the following: replacement garage door cables, replacement garage door springs, garage door adjustments, garage door service or any problems you have regarding electric roller garage door please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on 01268 963627 with garage door repair required.

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