Electric garage door repair

Electric garage door repair
Roller garage door problems

Electric Garage door repair

Electric garage door repair service is one of the many garage door services BWE provides. Sometimes when yo experience a problem regarding your roller door its hard to pin point exactly what the fault is unless you are competent in this area of garage doors or an expert.

The most common problem for roller doors not operating or the curtain its self not lifting is the remote, the batteries in the remote would need replacing from time to time and in our experience we recommend changing them every 2-3 years depending on how many times the roller is used.

Electric roller door motor problems occur if 1) the roller door is old, or 2) the roller door has done to many cycles in it time. Most roller door motor’s are designed with a life span of 20,000 cycles while the tension springs should last between 5,000 to 10,000 cycles, a cycle represents opening and closing the door one time. Obviously , the more times the door is used the sooner the springs will break and a roller door repair will be needed.

Other problems roller door motor’s have when the door is struggling to go up are the limits! The limits on a roller door motor are set to  stop the door at the required height and are also set for when the door closes  at the required place to stop. Some cases of this happen if a sudden loss of power (power cut) happens requiring the limits to be reset – a competent person can do this but strongly recommend an expert. On the event of this failing (resetting the limits) and the door still struggles to lift then a replacement motor is required.

If you are inside the garage trying to open the roller door and nothing happens but can hear a clicking noise from the control unit – this is a clear sign that the relays are sticking that’s making that clicking noise, depending on certain situations you will find one day it works – one day it don’t? unfortunately there is no fix to this and would need to be replaced, again a competent person can do this but if not then an expert would be required as the control unit requires some electrical knowledge as wiring the control box wrong can lead to other problems occurring.

Most new roller garage doors  have a safety edge system in the bottom edge lath (slate) that stops the roller down going down if there is an obstruction in the way, a common problem with this not working is that the batteries are dead, we recommend that when changing these that you use lithium batteries and not the standard batteries that you can buy at your local super market,  when changing these the SEC check would need to be re-done to allow the safety edge strip to communicate with the control unit to allow door to work, this procedure would require an expert!

Another problem on the safety side of roller doors or the photo cells, these are located at the bottom (inside of the door) attached to either side of the frames, one part would consist of a box with 3 lights on top, the other side would have a reflector on it, the way the photo cell works is that a beam reflects off the reflector and any broken contact (someone walking through the beam) would stop the door. If the door is not stopping when contact is broken try looking at the box with the 3 lights on checking they are all green, if there is 1 red light and 2 green its most probably that the box has been knocked and its not lining up with the reflector! in this case just move the box to line up with the reflector until all 3 green light are on.

If you still have a problem then we recommend that an expert takes a look at it!

If you require an expert we can send one free of charge to you to assess the situation and to advise you of the best solution to get your roller door bck up and rung again! 01268 963627


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