Garage Door Repairs

garage door repairs

Snapped garage door cable – Garage door cable broken – garage door lob sided when you open the garage door?

We supply and install all different types of Replacement Cones and Cables for all makes of garage doors including Henderson and Cardale.

Heard a loud bang when opening your garage door? struggling to lift your garage door? then maybe you need a replacement garage door spring! we provide most replacement springs and stock some of the older garage door springs that are hard to find! please call to find out.

garage door repairs, garage door opener

Our Hormann Promatic  Operator is ideal for single garage doors! the garage door operator features a 3 minute courtesy light and operates with 2 remotes that is standard with this product.the Hormann promatic Operator has a standard 5 year manufactures warranty that is signed after every installation.

garage door repair, supramatic garage door opener

The Hormann Supramatic is strong and ideal for double garage doors, 2 x remotes and courtesy light making it perfect for double garage doors.

garage door repairs, roller door motors

Replacement Roller Door Motor Service, when your roller door is struggling to lift its an indication that the bushes in the motor are worn restricting the speed of the door when it  lifts (if it lifts at all), if you experience problems with your roller garage door call us today so we can help.

Replacement Control Boards for Roller Garage Doors, Have you gone to your garage door pushed the up button on the control board and nothing has happened? hear clicking noises? if you have experienced this its an indication that the relays are either stuck or broke! in the event of this you will require a replacement control unit for your roller garage door. we offer control units that will fit every roller garage door and every control unit has warranty!

Like most things that need looking after garage doors do too, and we provide that service to take care of it for you! an engineer will carry out a full inspection of your garage door making sure every nut and bolt is tight and that your garage door is working well.


garage door repairs - Expert advice

Any problems with your garage door and you need some  expert advice don’t hesitate to call us so we can help.

With 15 years plus experience we have the knowledge to help you regarding garage doors.

If you have been searching for garage door repairs look no further than Bullard Windows Essex for a first-class repair and reliable service.

When part of a garage door brakes, such as the handle or mechanism to open and close the door – garage door cable snapped, many people think they’ll need to go straight to buying a new door altogether. This is not true. In fact, you can have parts of your door repaired and save money in the process.

We believe you shouldn’t have to pay for a simple inspection. That is why we do not charge a call out fee. By calling our service we can visit your location for free to see the damage.

After inspection we offer our services at a fixed cost, plus the part that’s needed for the repair. We can even visit you the same day to ensure you can have your garage repaired as soon as possible. This means that you can rest knowing you won’t have to worry about strangers snooping around the garage door in its broken state.

With the help of our experienced  team, you can enjoy a low-cost solution that is swift and simple.

If you would like to enquire about our services you can give us a call on 01268 963627 and arrange your garage door repair as soon as possible.


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