Garage door repair service through out the Essex area 01268 963627

Garage Door Repair Service thoughout the Essex area 01268 963627

Our garage door repair team cover all areas of Essex with there expert knowledge and experience. we cover all types of garage door repairs including garage door maintenance service. There is no call out charge for us to inspect a garage door repair only if a garage door repair is done!

garage door repair

Replacement Cable Service

Henderson – Cardale – Hormann plus many more.

garage door repair

Garage Door Opener for single garage doors.

Come with a 10 year warranty

garage door repair

Garage Door Opener.

For Double garage doors – 10 year warranty.

garage door repair

Replacement Roller Door Motors.

5 year warranty

garage door repair

Replacement Garage Door Springs.

Can supply for most makes of garage doors.

garage door repair

Replacement garage door handles.

garage door repair

Yearly Garage Door Service.

Making sure your garage door operates and runs smoothley.

Bullard Windows Essex do not charge anything to come to your garage door to inspect it and provide you with our expert advice on how to resolve the issue. All repairs are charged at £85 + part required. 01268 963627.

The garage door repair team cover all areas of Essex including Basildon, Benfleet, Canvey, Southend, Shoebury, Rayleigh, Hullbridge, Hockley, Chelmsford, Braintree, Stock, Brentwood, Billericay, Greys, Rainham + Many more areas.

#Please call to see if we cover your area – 01268963627


So before hitting the panic button why not try these simple repairs yourself. First, look at the rollers and tracks to see if there is anything in the way that might need a little clean (give them a little brush down and a spray of WD40).

(Garage Door Repairs) If your garage door opener is operated by a chain or drive screw check to see if anything is in the way of the chain to prevent it from working properly then apply some lubricant (WD40).
Sometimes the weather strips along the sides of the garage door can jam- if that’s the case adjust them as required or replace them if necessary. How Much Do Common Garage Door Repairs Cost?

Though you can do some maintenance to your Garage Doors Repairs on your own, it may be a good idea to schedule routine inspections with a professional. A typical service call will include a manual inspection of the door and opener. Then adjustments can be made including spring tension, chain/belt tension, limits and force adjustments and door lubrication. Fees for this service vary from place to place, but garage door repairs typically cost £80 plus part.

The movement of the garage door is uneven. (Garage Door Repairs)
Spring Issues – Unless it is due to an obstruction of some type, uneven movement of your garage door is likely caused by a problem with the spring mechanism. Roll-up doors generally have one center-mounted torsion spring. The tension on torsion springs is great. Therefore, it is necessary to call a professional for any repairs to this type of spring mechanism to avoid serious injury.

Your garage door falls very quickly. (Garage Door Repairs)
If your garage door falls more quickly than it once did, or bounces around when in use, it is likely due to broken chains or cables. This is a repair best done by a professional. The cables or chains are relatively inexpensive, but installation takes some time.

What About the Rollers?
The rollers can be another cause for residential garage door repair. The rollers can rust or corrode, which will make it much more difficult for them to roll. That will add stress to the motor in its operation. Over time, that added stress will lead to the motor prematurely malfunctioning. You can oil the rollers from time to time in between routine visits from a garage door engineer.

More Common Problems: ( Garage Door Repairs)
Tangled Cables, Garage Door wont open, Broken Spring, Garage Door needs adjusting,Change Handles/Locks, Replacement Cables, Service my Garage Door.

These are some of the common problems that happen to Garage Doors,Our Garage Door Repairs team cover all areas through out Essex, we aim to offer our same day service option so your Garage Door is not out of operation for long, for any reason if your part needs to be ordered then as soon as it arrives we will book you in to fit it.
All Garage Door Repairs are £80 plus part and there are no hidden costs.
All Garage Door Repairs come with a 1 year warranty.
“A new Garage Door is not always the answer, sometimes a Garage Door Repair is”

We stock spares for both past and present garage door manufacturers and repair garage doors and openers including Hormann, Cardale, SWS, Garador, Henderson and Novoferm to name but a few.
Parts can wear out or break, things can get out of alignment. All it takes is for one item that is not working and the whole door can be rendered useless. If your garage door is not working, whatever the problem, we have the experience to fix the issue and advise you.

If your garage door is beyond repair we can replace it for you.

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